On the Presupposition of Causality When Considering Who I Loved and Why in Earnest Belief that Language is not One Algebra Expressing an Incredibly Banal System

everyone slept with
inventoried. tax-deductible receipts
across a table

or these 1908 pictures of fire-scarred folded
trees from explosion
of comet as proof
collisions occur; an event
we point at with mental fingers
as cause to be hellbent to detect asteroids
before their arrival in our backyard swimming pools
so we might avoid disaster

or remain, telescoped
eyed, awed
at atoms self-assembling
horrorstuck witnesses
to doubt atoms.

Aaron Plasek lives in Denver, Colorado, and is patiently waiting for the courage to write the book he does not know how to write. He has published work in Diagram, Alice Blue, Juked, and elsewhere. He has an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.