Counting People

I’d met John at my friend’s place a year earlier; then I started seeing him at the library. He is at the library almost every day. When our friendship started, I’d just found a book about Norbert Weiner in the Business, Science and Industry section, I left the second level to find the book called Cybernetics when John had set up a game of chess. We always say hello. I said hello and went back to the computerized card catalog. He asked if I wanted to play chess after I’d turned away from the computer.

We played two games every day for about two weeks. A person can use chess as a lens.

In the first chess days, the goal was to somehow move. This was not easy; I’d get headaches from holding my breath. I was not used to spending time in public with people. Everybody’s got some hang up and this may be mine: going outside and being with people.

In chess, obviously, the player moves towards the action in the middle of the board. Towards the battle; probably I am defensive though lately have not bothered, defending. Living between states of perception: machine or animal, bug or bear, so to speak. These are the things on my mind. To somehow make myself over from a cone of light or travel in an equation. I was and still am living in my imagination. My spirit exists in my imagination, primarily, and also sometimes in physical senses. I think spirit is one’s will to love things and the force behind your choices.

I think about chess every day in a transposed way. I have my own magnetic set. I hope to play again on Saturday and Sunday rain or shine. In playing chess, a person confronts their own mind in the form of their strategy. Are you more likely to attack or defend? Are your captures/attacks to clear space, exchange, or take a move away from the other player? I am a beginner so my assessments are facile. What I read on Monday about lines of power: realize the lines of power; see across the board. I will speak no more of technicalities.

I’ve often read about the importance of having a plan. “Have a Plan!”, they say, “Even a BAD PLAN is Better than no Plan at all.” My day’s are made usually in the form of lists. My goals are big (in my opinion): they involve spectacle and text. Goals are not plans, though. And there is the business of taking care of oneself: being functional. I had to get a job again.

I took the Census test in February. I was hired in April. Census training takes place in a church basement which is cold and damp. We get fingerprinted and sign an oath.

The challenges were: sitting still, not getting overwhelmed by the loudness and smell of it all. The basement seemed to amplify everyone’s voice. I had headaches all through training: the table clothes had a petroleum smell; there was not enough ventilation.

The US Census began in 1790, it’s purpose is to count the people of each region so that a proportional number of Representatives can stand up for their interests in Congress. People’s participation provides the statistics that will bring services to their neighborhoods. If a neighborhood is under-enumerated, they may not get the funding for important services for their community: Health Centers, street maintenance, etc.

In the process of doing this job I have been meeting my neighbors. So far, everyone seems okay. They care for their house, their family, friends and endeavors. I see how we are similar.

Being an Enumerator

One learns to follow the script; to not take liberties with the questionnaire.

Put the power in the lines.

Concentrate on reading the questionnaire believably to people.

To avoid being robotic, modulate the voice: tone, rhythm, and emphasis.

Create a feedback loop with oneself.

When not delivering lines, be attentive to the respondent.

The strategy is to be really attentive.

The goal is to count people.

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