Sixteen: Drip from Approximative Translations

of small
stature : this breast
is a carcinoma project :
let being born be your first entrance into captivity : a
postcard affixed with teeth marks : even music dies at some point :
such is the gift of flight from vultures : wine that gives off a jaundice light :

how to make the phantom limb walk through walls : lasso in slow motion :
so the moon hangs itself nightly & is transformed into the eyes that
watch it : the gallery happier now in the museum with
sixteen aberrant skeletons :
a spy hole drilled
in each

Arlene Ang is the author of four poetry collections, the most recent being a collaborative work with Valerie Fox, Bundles of Letters Including A, V and Epsilon (Texture Press, 2008). She lives in Spinea, Italy where she serves as staff editor for The Pedestal Magazine and Press 1. More of her work may be viewed at