The “Interaction”

Amount of stubble, girth, hygiene. Duration, intensity of emotion or impact,
height, incorrect tongue usage, wrong place, wrong position, wrong words, ugly
feet, a rash, a distracting mark, your muscles, too quiet, too loud, unreal,
unbelievable, demanding, too serious, we are not having what
we can conjure under batik sheets alone with false gems, the family jewels,
fake breakfast, no sleep, the hurting, the shower, plastic eyes, paper porno
turned dark, turned drunk, what happened, what’s next, what’s
this? like kitten skin, like sex in granite, sex with ingredients and healthy
sex, or immediately imagining your mother; Your mons Venus bruised or pons
electric saliva after whiskey you fell in love with me and I was antibiotic, a dormant
case of frustration & forcefulness. The patron saint of lobster, casual & wrapped
in fleece. Let’s only if explicit in dress (like a sexy platypus) what do you want;
want to; want to do with me? Didn’t exactly stop it, remained neutral
like the television, a station of crossed legs & stomach. so there was
the erect mirror, the cognac sunlight, the studio, the wind’s rape, the audience,
the parking, the discussion, the apologies, the money, the lake, the steering
wheel and an ashamed crisp production:
          the color-correction, false fade.

Lina ramona Vitkauskas has published four books of poetry: A Neon Tryst (Shearsman Books, 2013); Honey is a She (Plastique Press, 2012); The Range of Your Amazing Nothing (Ravenna Press, 2010); and Failed Star Spawns Planet/Star (dancing girl press, 2006). She was selected by Brenda Hillman for The Poetry Center of Chicago’s 2009 Juried Reading Award and has been published in/will be published in DIAGRAM, VLAK (Eds. Edmund Berrigan & Louis Armand); The Prague Literary Review; The Chicago Review; Another Chicago Magazine; and White Fungus (Taiwan), which is currently on display at MoMA.