None of the Above

Paul de Jong has played cello from age 5 and took a razorblade to his first audiocassette at age 9. He has been collecting, chopping up, recombining and collaging outdated media ever since. Making what he makes can sometimes be as easy as turning a single found object on its head, but more often it requires a million mouse clicks. During the past ten years his vast sample library of sound, still, and moving image has been the central compositional tool for his band the Books, of which he is one half. Their frequent concert tours seem to be uniquely designed to explore the dustiest corners of the world’s thrift, book, and record stores: lairs of untold treasures. He lives with his wife Carin and daughter Vera in New Lebanon, New York. His sample library is named Spermfarm. You can find some of his work at his band’s website: