The Torture Tree

James Robinson lives and teaches students with special needs in Rochester, NY. He has work forthcoming in The Cultural Society and Action,Yes. “The Torture Tree” appears in his current manuscript, A Visual Stuttering.

One of Many Contexts: Dream Symbols

To see a Native American in your dream represents the instinctual and untamed aspect of your character. You desire more freedom from cultural and societal restraints.


NATIVE AMERICAN : Dreams often link to stereotypes. Native Americans tend to be associated with spiritual issues and being at one with nature. Try to think of any link with such things especially from the day before the dream. So your dream may feature a Native American but the dream may have been triggered by a program you watched on TV about psychics. Look for loose associations as Native Americans can loosely associate with lots of spiritual and lifestyle icons such as psychics, dream interpretation, pyramids, a love of nature and being at one with the world around us.