from Basho’s Phonebook: Three One Act Performances

Program Front:

Program Back:

Program Back Inside:

Furu ike ya
kawazu tobikomu
mizu no oto

-Matsuo Basho

Cast of Characters:

DT Suzuki

Nobuyuki Yuasa

Makoto Ueda

Stage Directions: All audience members, with assurances that they will never be sold or used for commercial purposes, are encouraged to provide the performer(s) with their mobile phone numbers prior to the performance in order to achieve maximum effect.


DT Suzuki:

444:66:8:666: 8:44:33: 2:66:222:444:33:66:8: 7:666:66:3:
2: 333:777:666:4: 5:88:6:7:7777:
9:2:8:33:777[’]7777: 7777:666:88:66:3[!]


Nobuyuki Yuasa:

22:777:33:2:55:444:66:4: 8:44:33: 7777:444:555:33:66:222:33:
666:333: 2:66: 2:66:222:444:33:66:8: 7:666:66:3[,]
2: 333:777:666:4: 5:88:6:7:33:3: 444:66:8:666: 9:2:8:33:777 [—]
2: 3:33:33:7: 777:33:7777:666:66:2:66:222:33[.]


Makoto Ueda:

8:44:33: 666:555:3: 7:666:66:3: [—]
2: 333:777:666:4: 555:33:2:7:7777: 444:66[,]
2:66:3: 2: 7777:7:555:2:7777:44[.]

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