Landscape: A Storm

Anne Marie Rooney

a real sky is a real human
in the quiet sense
and stick stuff out the back
the bark age that there is
being necessary to quell
a feeling under all questions
and so the going of all extra
bespake every glow worm
                                                     this point of narcissism with zero
                                                     a trace of loveless on the wall
that in-deep                                    and shadow that exists in the easy zero
                                                     and the crash of course of arrows
                                                     as if one drew only on the condition of
                                                     not seeing the quell arch

carry throughout & quell
a heart tall in the thrush
if no bodies canteen again
no one body of fallen water;             or god of scales
or go-further is a real human
all of the shakes & thorough blues

                                                     those ugly empty slews
and what it is

outside of what isn’t moving               I took about my passing
anymore outdoors or in the station
into howsoever no even zero
that isn’t divisive or is this cartography
lines drawings of tearings
down stream out & bottom out

Anne Marie Rooney’s first book, Spitshine, is forthcoming from Carnegie Mellon University Press in early 2012. She has won the Iowa Review Award, the Gulf Coast Poetry Prize, and the Amy Award, and been featured in the Best New Poets and Best American Poetry anthologies. Born and raised in New York City, she currently lives in New Orleans, where she is a teaching artist.