Fruit Bowl from Starfish Over Oyster

She said nothing of course she
sent me soon after (after what?)
After she saw me a poster of a
girl: wrote over:
Doesn’t she look like you?

Hunger not in the mouth
whistles through teeth
cravings carved holes of a
train onto a track smothered
by the train behind


unwanted over metal solid
gray sky fogs down windowing
whole mouths enrobed
without fight steely ridges a
slated-paneling cut from
metals or as in construction:
consumption engenders


She with her morning pears
lining words in a row single
file pain her window places a
hunger so great it grids
urbanity for her ready-meal
nothing will city a justified
stomach refuse curses the fruit

Heather Palmer holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has current or forthcoming work in Willows Wept Review, Lamination Colony, Radioactive Moat, Omphalos 8, elimae, Storyglossia, Everyday Genius, Spork Magazine and more. Her book works include Charlie’s Train (the2ndhand) and the forthcoming novel Complements: of Us (Spork Press). She writes and works in Chicago, but hails from Pennsylvania. Find her at