Elliot Smith

The amber-brewed afternoon
Plays across the table
We’re living in the golden age of coffee
The golden October morning
When he moved through
I was fat and decorated
On the porch later with our dumb bottles raised
But at least I was trying
We’re living in the golden age of money
Donald Trump is still alive
Through the pinhole
In this open empty store
I’ll buy a golden everything
Though I have nothing with which to
Aretha Franklin is still alive
In the car with the departed
Never again on that little low mountain
Never again at my door
In the bathtub at 27
Like wearing a new style of shoe
That shining time behind me
I might as well do it too
Lindsay Lohan is still alive
We’re living in the golden age of living
I’ll sit here unprotected
Captain are we moving do you know
The sovereign future
Is still so out of view

Lucy Biederman is a doctoral student in English Literature/Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana and the author of two chapbooks, The Other World (Dancing Girl Press, 2012) and The Hardest Part Is Done (Grey Book Press, forthcoming 2013). She has poems forthcoming in RHINO, Handsome, The Literary Review, The Tusculum Review, Bone Bouquet, and other journals.