I was 28 in 1923

I was 28 in 1923 is a selection of poetic writing and photographs documenting the collaborative and performative practice of Noe Kidder and Inge Hoonte. Touching on topics of intimacy, desire, longing, relationships and independence, all material was generated in each others’ presence or inspired thereby. They playfully explored neighborhood coffee shops and a rooftop, as well as locations such as Fire Island, the South Street Sea Port, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Along with over 500 one-of-a-kind artist books based on the Moleskine format, the chapbook traveled to galleries and museums in the United States earlier this year as part of THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT by ART HOUSE COOP.
Visitors were crouched between stacks of sketchbooks scattered on couches and institution floors, offering an intimate look into various people’s lives through collections of diary-type writing, collages, pencil landscape sketches, among other. Pushing the boundaries of how to translate the intimate experience of writing and reading onto the web, Requited Journal showcases a version of I was 28 in 1923 as photographed by BRAD FARWELL.

To obtain your own copy of the book, please email ihoonte@gmail.com

Inge Hoonte orchestrates and documents human interaction, communication and physicality in both private and public settings. Her work has appeared at the Whitney Biennial through Neighborhood Public Radio, NY; Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery and 3rd Ward, Brooklyn; Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami; 321 Colton School, New Orleans; NPR Radio; A+D Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Southern Exposure, San Francisco; Saskatchewan Communications Network, Canada; Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland; Consortium, Amsterdam, and TENT, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She’s a board member for the Houston, TX based art organization labotanica and has lectured at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Noe Kidder films have been screened at such venues as Lichtblick Kino in Berlin, croxhapox in Gent, Belgium, LandTerritorio in Lisbon, Portugal, St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, and Millenium Film Workshop on NYC’s Lower East Side. She is currently at work on Holy Blood, a film with Brian Getnick, My Father Was a Gangster, and the Exilkbarett with Jessica Goldring and Marianna Vogt.