One Sun, One Leaf, One Afternoon: Encompassing Ecology in Photography

Imagine a photographic world where you don’t need heavy metals and litres of water to make photographs. Imagine a photographic world where you can discard of your unwanted images, used and expired materials in your own backyard or compost bin. Imagine a photographic world where your garden is your photographic supplies store. Imagine no more. Often we point the finger at others who may not be doing enough for sustainability. However, we must ask ourselves – am I doing enough? How does my practice contribute to environmental issues? Does the energy used to make the work in balance with how well it reaches and educates the people seeing it? By addressing positive environmental action through photography can I provide an alternative cleaner process? It is my responsibility to ask these questions of myself and the activities I participate in. I hope by addressing these questions in how I apply my photographic practice, the possibilities that I discover and develop will encourage other people to explore how they too can take positive action to address ecological issues within their own professions and practices.

Rosemary Horn is a photographer primarily using alternative processes. She received her B.Des. in Photography from Massey University in Wellington New Zealand in 2006. Since graduating Rosemary has been traveling and working throughout Europe, exhibited in Germany and given lectures and workshops in Germany and the United Kingdom. She focuses her work on addressing environmental issues and bringing in tactile elements to her photographic practice. She has recently returned in New Zealand to settle.