Antonyms for Reticence

Having breathed the invisible glass
having forfeited my gas mask, last chance
before the sea levels everything
in its way—killing it with contrast

To cough up an excuse, a vow, a word for how
eyes are still the vulnerable vowels
through which slip a soul: sound fury burning salt and me
not getting any of it down: the un-crying shame

Of a beached whale bathed in wailing gulls,
little Sally selling seashells by the sea-corpse
in the dream I lost my voice
screaming Has anyone seen this pearl?

Lines cast out from tired poems and tied to lime
stones too fragile to make a dent
in anything, get wasted on this window,
shattered on that heart.

If broken, call me a liar. If bleeding, call me Ishmael.
If god’s blade dulls, if gunmetal blue rivers
never lap crimson forth, would not even Moses slit his
to prove the Nile sentient?

Where is the grain of truth in these fool’s gold waves—
these days that find you waiting on the Furies
to sweep down and disperse
your silver lining into acid-black dusk?

When they come you set the island on fire
with your glory-torch: a fist-full of words
my photo cloned and posted
all across the flaming hillside—I saw it

With my own eyes, and only my own eyes
know how many oil spills I counted on
that quiet drive, which, because circle, felt endless.
Feelings are toxic or they’re nothing

And I’m banking on the former and I’m drowning
on the shore. If some secrets aren’t lies
if confessions can be true
I’d slay I’d for you.

Adrian Silbernagel‘s work has been published in The Columbia ReviewRufous City ReviewPainted Bride Quarterly, Fruita Pulp, Two Hawks Quarterly, and elsewhere. Visit his website:



Todd Mattei is a visual artist and musician residing in Chicago. His visual work (video, video installation, photography) has been screened and exhibited at places like the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee; the Green Lantern, Nightingale, and Chicago Filmmakers in Chicago; ATA and Berkeley Film Archives in California; and Pittsburgh Filmmakers in Pittsburgh. Todd received his MFA (2005) from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and has since taught film and animation at the University of Illinois and DePaul University. With musical groups Joan of Arc, Male, and Sharks and Seals, and alone as Litesalive, Todd has contributed to almost twenty full length albums and toured the U.S., Japan, and Europe several times over.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Don’t Shoot the Messenger from Anne Elizabeth Moore on Vimeo.

Anne Elizabeth Moore is the author of Unmarketable: Brandalism,
Copyfighting, Mocketing
, and the Erosion of Integrity (The New Press,
2007), and Hey Kidz, Buy This Book: A Radical Primer on Corporate and
Governmental Propaganda
and Artistic Activism for Short People (Soft
Skull, 2004). Co-editor and publisher of now-defunct Punk Planet,
founding editor of the Best American Comics series from Houghton
Mifflin, Moore teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
when she’s not traveling the globe lecturing on freedom of speech
issues. Recently, Moore mounted two single-person exhibitions of her
conceptual art, has been the subject of two documentary films, and her
work has appeared on the radio program Snap Judgment and in the
Progressive,, and the Boston Phoenix.

Ashland 9 Extraction

Ashland 9 Extraction is part of Extractions, a series of mediated text and voice performance works using language collected from particular environments.

Ira S. Murfin is a multidisciplinary writer and theatre artist based in Chicago. His writing has appeared in elimae, Fiction at Work, Chicago Art Criticism, and Theatre Topics, and his performance work presented at venues including MCA Chicago, Links Hall, and the Chicago Cultural Center. He is also a founding member of the theatre collective the Laboratory for the Development of Substitute Materials. Ira holds degrees in writing from New York University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is currently working toward the Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre & Drama at Northwestern University.


The photographic series, Collections, focuses on attempts at connection and our desire to truly know one another. Despite the ultimate impossibility of this, we repeatedly seek to escape the boundaries of our own skin and penetrate realities not our own. Ideas surrounding the search are also integral to this series. The quest ever shifting, we search for each other, for understanding, for answers and when the answers elude us and we can no longer define the quest, we wait. The aggression of the search gives way to the passivity of the queue. This work also highlights an ongoing interest in the dynamic of the individual within the group and the interplay between collective and individual identities. Though we collectively move in a procession through this spectacular show of moments, feelings and thoughts, we stand alone to contemplate it. The idea of being unable to, or to choosing not to see beyond one’s self and that this inability to see also then implies an invisibility is conceptually rich to me.

Lindsay Page is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist working primarily in photography and video installation. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has appeared in publications including the New Yorker (2009), Emergence: Contemporary Photography in Canada (2009) Flash Forward (2008) and Camera Austria (Spring 2007). She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including a 2010 Canada Council for the Arts Visual Artist grant. She lives and works in Toronto.

Ivan the Terrible Tells Us How He’s Been

Small. Smaller than the fanned leaves of the Gingko tree. Palm of the hand small. So small, you wouldn’t believe. Terrible. I mean, you could see me, if you tried—if you wanted to—but it’s not like I’m really there or anything.

Cami Park writes small things various. Her work can be found in places like Quick Fiction, Smokelong Quarterly, Opium Magazine, Hobart, FRiGG Magazine, & elimae. She keeps a blog called Mungo at

Baseball Radio Play

AKP: Museum of Thrown Objects (BlazeVox 2010); My Worth (Black Lodge Press, 2010); Between Here & the Telescopes (w/Elizabeth Guthrie; Slumgullion, 2008). Some recent journals: The Offending Adam, Dusie, and The A sh Anthology (Fact-Simile Press). MFA: Naropa U. BA: The Geo. Wash. U. Co-founder/editor: Livestock Editions. Currently: living: Mass. Reading: Hannah Weiner, Philip Whalen, Carla Harryman.